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Renault Start Selling Pure Electric Vehicles

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Monday, April 16, 2012 | 11:32 AM

Renault began selling Twizy in Europe this week. Vehicles are electric-powered two-seater is quite unique and pure as well as a marker of a new era of environmentally friendly technologies for the European car manufacturers. Called unique because it combines Twizy motorcycle concept and practicality of a golf cart, but the position of the driver and passenger sit in tandem on four wheels.

Renault Twizy mendebut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 concept vehicle was shaped. A year later, the form of bulk products are shown in Paris and this year, Twizy began to be marketed in the EU, including London, England.

Twizy fairly compact dimensions, length 2.34 meters by 1.24 meters wide and is offered in three variants namely, Urban, Colour and Technic in two electric motors. First, an electric motor powered 5 PS with a maximum speed of 45 kph. Both able-powered PS 17 accelerated to 80 kph. The second electric machine took three and a half hours to charge from empty to full, so the position can be driven as far as 95 miles.

Twizy priced from 6690 pounds (USD 97.1 million) for Urban-powered variant of PS 17. Price does not include the cost of leasing the battery 45 pounds (IDR 653 373) per month.
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