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Toyota and Audi Cars That Can Grow Drove Alone

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Friday, January 4, 2013 | 11:30 PM

Era of car that can run without human driven closer now. After Google and Volvo showed the technology, now turn to Toyota and Audi are ready to show it.

Era car that can run autonomously without human piloted already staying digadang will soon come and the technology that allows the car to run standalone was predicted to be the standard technology of a car in the future.

Toyota and Audi as reported by The Wall Street Journal and CNET quoted, did not want to miss to participate to meet the future trends. Similar technology was planned to be their show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to be held soon.

For Toyota, the Japanese manufacturer that will play the video showing one of Lexus cars are loaded with a variety of sensors. The statement "Research 'advanced active safety' will lead the industry into a new era (the car) automatically."

Meanwhile, according to the representative said Audi will also show the same ability in the show, including the ability to make the car to find a parking space itself and then park itself without the need of a human behind the wheel.

Previously, Google also has made a series of trials on autonomous cars since 2009 using many advanced equipment. Autonomous cars are expected to reduce the number of accidents in the world.

Because, when people do not concentrate on driving due to many things, the role can be replaced by a computer as an auto-pilot in the plane. And the state of Nevada in the United States was the first region to officially allow a car like this for free strolling territory.
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