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Jenson Button Burn Emotions Lewis Hamilton

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | 11:58 AM

McLaren driver Jenson Button issued a statement, whether on purpose to provoke emotion or indeed praising his team mate Lewis Hamilton. The Daily mail, a former world champion in 2009 was said that he enjoyed the challenge to be his teammate Lewis Hamilton at McLaren. "But, over the prospect of more if the garage is next to Fernando Alonso."

Perhaps, this last phrase would make the ears, not only Hamilton but McLaren officials also red. Although, no-nonsense Button admitted that Lewis appeared very quickly, we see all the time, and it's really exciting to have teammates like that. "Having trouble on a couple of days, but other days he was great and it's a real challenge," he said.

However, praise is more intended Button to Alonso. He said, if Lewis is not in F1, for example, I personally feel it would be nice to have Fernando as a team mate. "He was very talented, two-time world champion, and he quickly," said Button.

In some ways, Button up, we are the same. But, from the other side would not. The similarity was related to people around the team needed to support the ambitions are achieved.

Indeed, from the McLaren camp itself has been no signal will kick any one of a pair pebalapnya. Although Button as the second rider, he served the same and given the freedom to compete with Hamilton. Moreover, in terms of achievement, but then he is better than Hamilton to win the world runner-up position, Hamilton was ranked fifth. This year, until the second series, Hamilton was second with 30 points, five points behind Button behind him.

Another thing with Ferrari. Prancing Horse camps are "mengultimatum" Felipe Massa on his achievements in recent years. No signal, when the Brazilian driver was not accomplished, then the contract was not renewed.
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