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Garage Empty Homes Again? Try This 3D Stickers

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | 2:55 AM

London - You have a garage at home but have not filled the car? Just try this one sticker. By installing it on the wall, like a garage glance filled with expensive cars or even cruises.

Has a height of 4.8 meters in width that can be adjusted, this sticker is made ​​in a British company. 3D images were produced with techniques that at first glance looks like the real thing.

"Motive is a hoax 3D printed realistic and will cause neighbors, friends and passers-by stopped and stared at him," said Verena Lenninghausen, one of the parties that make this idea as quoted by the Daily Mail.

With a design life and are made to match the garage door, it is only sold with a sticker price of 84 pounds. Picture was varied ranging from race cars, aircraft or luxury yacht.

Even though it looks great, it only took half an hour to set it up. "The response was amazing. Having fitted into their garage, customers often call us to say how much they and their neighbors like it (fooled see picture)," strictly speaking.
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