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Well, KIA Carnival Will Appear Again

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Monday, March 12, 2012 | 9:44 PM

MCH through the cold hand of Peter Schreyer - former Audi and VW designers who now work for Hyundai and Kia since 2006 - has given a touch of elegance to your city car, sedan, hatchback and SUV. And now, he showed KV7 MPV Carnival instead.

Exhibition on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, German designers had a chance to express a big project for Carnival continued, "I think the shift in design for Carnival was necessary because the market is still loved MPV like that. And I inigin build the impression that buying an MPV is not a necessity but a interest because the car is fine and dandy. "

KV7 has a futuristic design like Soul posture, but the longer dimension. There is a touch of uniqueness of the Schreyer, looking at the middle door designed gull-wing models (gullwing).

Speaking of the cabin, KV7 menhadirkan festive coloring with white milk, black and yellow. Dashboard has a unique design that can be shifted 150 mm to the front that serves to highlight some of the key for easy reach. In the middle there is an LCD touch screen that provides information about the vehicle, climate control and Wi-Fi settings.
Composition of the seat is also unique. Front passenger seat (right) can be rotated facing backwards. Then, the position of the middle seat out of alignment, especially the right over backward to avoid contact with the front passenger's feet. There is also "a kind of iPad" large trim that can be folded in the second row.

As energy supplies, sitting beneath the hood 2.0-liter engine, turbocharger with GDI bursts of power 285 PS. Claimed the machine is capable of providing fuel consumption 12.8 kpl.

According to Schreyer, the present KV7 concept at the Detroit Motor Show last year will carry the name of the Grand Carnival. Nevertheless, the concept still needs a little improvement to make it more interesting and to accommodate the desire for a compact MPV market and capable of carrying seven passengers. There are indications Grand Carnival will be introduced in 2013.

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