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Electric Ford Focus Electric Car So Best Efficient

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Monday, March 5, 2012 | 9:26 PM

Electric-powered cars is to be the future of the automotive industry for many people. But the fight in this segment was already starting from now. Ford Focus claims that his electric car, Ford Focus Electric is much more efficient than Nissan's electric car, LEAF.

The fight in the electric car segment is heating up over the past year. Unfinished battle between the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF, Ford is now taking part in saying that his car is much more efficient than those of his opponents.

This car has just got a certificate from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency when it broke through the consumption of energy equivalent to 46.7 km / liter of gasoline while in the city and 42 km / liter while on the freeway.

With that number, the more efficient the equivalent Ford Focus 2.5 km / liter on traffic conditions and more efficient combination equivalent to 2.97 km / liter in urban situations. And this is the best performance for a five-passenger car in America, and overthrew the Nissan LEAF as an economical electric car champion.

As is known, although the use of electricity, not gasoline, the calculation of the average consumption of electric cars is still compared to gasoline engines.

"We've been working for three years to make Electrik Focus more fuel efficient vehicles of the opposite kind," said Chuck Gray, Ford's chief engineer for hybrid and electric vehicles.

"The whole group feels like a sports team who just won a major championship. This is a good feeling to be at this point now," he added.

Electric Ford Focus itself is an electric car that has a charging system where it is possible to charge a car battery in just over 4 hours in the garage of the home owners.

With this system, the Ford Focus Electric is claimed to be better prepared than his opponents of being able to be more active when driving and do not need to be recharged many times his strength when the traffic situation is solid.
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