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How To Claim AIG Insurance

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 7:54 AM

Your car may never have an accident, but we are ready to ensure your car is fine when natural disasters occur. Our provides the best car insurance low insurance premiums for protection against natural disasters.

Claim Procedure

Immediately complete claim documents (in accordance with the attached). If necessary, we will conduct a survey within 24 hours after receiving the initial report
The police report is needed for the case of the following claims:

  • Vehicle theft and vehicle accessories
  • Accident involving a third party
  • Loss / damage as a result of the scheming of others
  • Losses as a result of severe damage / severe or total loss

Total vehicle loss or damage (Constructive Total Loss).

  • Proof of Ownership of Motor Vehicles (reg) Original
  • Original Purchase Invoice
  • Certificate No. Vehicle (vehicle registration) Original
  • Receipt and signed blank stamp Rp. 6,000 for three (3) copies
  • Key Contacts 2 pieces
  • Original Police Report
  • Investigation Report (BAP) - for the case of missing vehicles
  • Certificate Kadit Serse (SK KADIT Serse) Original - for missing vehicle case
  • Letter-blocking Original Police vehicle registration for the vehicle lost case
  • Rights to mark the release of the letter is missing vehicle - for the case of missing vehicles
  • Waiver form / liability claims

Claims involving third party

  • Local police report
  • Copy the third party license and registration
  • Demand letter from a third party
  • Photos damages for loss on third party vehicles.

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