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Autopilot System On Car

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | 2:06 PM

Autopilot system on the car is currently being developed. Governor of the state of Michigan says that the autopilot works better than human riders.

Michigan state governor, RIck Snyder said he wants Michigan became the fourth state in the United States that allows the car that can run automatically without passing driven on public roads.

Therefore, the car features the autopilot said is very important for the development of the automotive industry in the future. Especially after he tried to own a car that already apply autopilot feature of Google.

"They took me out on the California freeway, and shows how this works. Moment you sit in the vehicle, you can see how it (the autopilot) to analyze all the decisions you as a driver as normal," he said as quoted by USA Today.

"And it (the autopilot) is able to do it faster and better than many of us, humans as a rider," lugasnya again.

Michigan currently catch up from California, Florida and Nevada are already implementing rules related to this otonomon car.

Car technology that can run without human control itself has been developed. Several universities in the world have already done so. And to scale corporations, in addition to Google, there are Toyota and Audi are already expanding middle.

Snyder said that the title to a car that is capable of driving without a controlled time sometimes makes people afraid to imagine. However, he stressed that people should be aware that autonomous vehicles will still have drivers who are ready to take the helm at that time.

"I do not see why there should be a lot of obstacles.'s More how to communicate to the public about their fears and concerns as an autonomous vehicle around," due diligence.

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