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London Residents Annoyed See Sport Cars

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Friday, January 4, 2013 | 11:25 PM

Saw lots of sports cars on the streets may be a pleasure. But ask that the citizens of London. Residents upset the British capital with many sports cars around.

Residents of the area of ​​Knightsbridge, central London which is one of the elite residential area in London complained many sports cars milling.

London alone since a few years later was known as a sports car heaven. In fact, in the holiday season, a lot of tourists, especially from the Middle East during the summer vacation to England, carrying along their expensive sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti, and Koenigsegg.

The residents complained about the conduct of the sports car users say that they disrupt the lives of residents. The habit of speeding and noisy sound production of the sports car that is a lot to be complaints.

Behavior of the user that was immortalized in a documentary on Channel 4 called Millionaire Boy Racers and quoted by the Daily Mail. Panda Morgan-Thomas, who is a resident of Knightsbridge said he had become ill each summer in recent years due to the mischievous behavior of motorists.

"They came to the area around Harrods to showcase the car and driving recklessly in a way that if you are a British citizen, you will be prosecuted for driving in a dangerous way," says Justin Downes Knightsbridge residents.

Police has actually owned supercars seized dozens of foreign tourists with a number of charges ranging from invalid insurance and driving without a proper license plate.

Abdul Aziz Rashid, a native of Saudi Arabia's youth who come to the UK every year with his supercar heard no complaints from residents that he would listen if the complaint is directly expressed to him.

"We just came to have fun and we always like to come here and do not cause trouble or problems. If anyone had talked to me and asked me not to do something, then I will not do it," he said.

Other travelers namely Abdul Aziz Al Rashed which is a young man from Kuwait who came up with the Lamborghini Aventador said he was very happy to spend the three months of summer holidays in the UK.

"All my friends are sad to go back to Kuwait. We had fun for three months and I was sad that I had to leave to go back to the desert," he said.
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