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First Victory Nico Rosberg, Mercedes 1-2-3

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Sunday, April 15, 2012 | 6:22 AM

Mercedes racing car driven by Nico Rosberg W03 incredible racing. German rider who started from pole position has won the race series III China F1 circuit in Shanghai on Sunday (15/4). He completed 56 laps in the fastest time 1 hour 36 minutes 29.929 seconds. Means, until the third series is already spawned three different winners (Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso in Australia in Malaysia) and in China this Mercedes 1-2-3 finish.

Jenson Button won the second place the wipe to-51 managed to overtake Sebastian Vettel. MP4-27 car driven by Button is very fast and he should have won this race if the tragedy in the pits on lap 40 did not happen. When the pits, Button in the lead and the crew is replacing the left rear wheel had a little problem. So, when slipped into the pit sixth.

Slowly but surely, the former world champion in 2009 was able to grab the second position. A remarkable result. He is ranked second with a total of 43 points behind.

While team-mate Lewis Hamilton finished third after a calculation done following the last one lap ahead of Vettel (lap 55). With this result, the former world champion in 2008 was able to maintain the top position with 45 points while.

And Vettel are trying to reclaim the performance of the engine seemed to lose quickly with Hamilton, so he had to settle for finishing fourth. At this race, world champion in 2010 and 2011 are still using the old exhaust, so that power is not as good as his car that Mark Webber has mamakai new exhaust design.

If the race is still two more laps, it is not possible to bulldoze Vettel Webber. Because, he can almost do it on the last lap. Even if the front left wheel and the rear rider to Australia was second off the track and the front wheel had shot up high (like going to fly), perhaps the result would be different.

Schumacher is definitely
In taking 56 laps, Nico had led from start to finish without getting resistance. Nico won three of the achievements in China this appearance. First, this is his first victory after starting 110 times in the F1 arena. Second, at the Shanghai circuit was also the first pole position. And third, he controlled three-quarters of the race.

Although, its leading position was taken Jenson Button on lap 35 when Rosberg entered the pits changing tires. Unfortunately, Button could not defend it when it should be languishing in the pit a dozen seconds on lap 40 due to crew got a little problem with the left rear tire change. As a result, when dropped into sixth position trajectory. But, supported by good engine performance, it can achieve maximum results with finishing second.

Unfortunately, Nico Rosber success is followed by teammate Michael Schumacher, who started in second position. 7 times world champion had a chance to show of skill by continuing to stay in second place. Carelessness when changing a tire mechanic who forgets to lock the bolt in lap 13, making it to stop.

Most upset Kimi Raikkonen. Until lap 47, the Finnish rider and 2007 world champion is already in second place. What power, which only apply the strategy team twice pitstop backfire former McLaren and Ferrari drivers. Because tire traction is not optimal, it was easily overtaken Vettal dengnan lap 48. One lap later turn scrubbing Hamilton and Webber and then diikutiMaldonado, Grosjean, Alonso so he finished ranked 14th.
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