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Car without the driver soon to Reality!

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | 4:11 PM

Technological developments now lead to the rapid changes in the cars. Car without a driver (driverless) - driven by a computer - the closer to reality. Currently, Continental AG is developing a car that can drive itself using the Volkswagen Passat. To that end, mounted on a car mounted radar sensors, video cameras and onboard computers that can drive itself in a variety of road conditions.

Continental tests performed, including speeding up, determine the direction or purpose, the brakes and keep the car fixed belt at a constant speed 60 kph.

Driverless technology is already in development since 2004, by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to sponsor a 260 km race through the Mojave Desert and none were successful. Subsequently in 2007, six cars robot simulation through city streets in the former air base Victorville, California.

Google also tried the car without a driver in 2010 by using the Toyota Prius which is guided by video cameras and lidar sensors are mounted on the roof. Lidar is a sensor that detects light and the distance through optical remote-sensing.

The next logical step, Continental will approach to the automotive industry to prove the technology while improving the comfort of the driver.
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