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Mazda Rotary Engine Develop Low Emission

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 9:22 PM

Mazda retaining the legendary engine, which rotary or Wankel, and will update some of its future products. Development continues to fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions are lower. The goal, to prove the rotary engine emission standards could pass the test.

 Changes made are the replacement of materials for home troikoid (troichoid housing) and seal the top (apex seal) on the piston end of the triangle. Hopefully, a better replacement material can save fuel and lower emissions. Previously, the famous rotary engine "fond of a drink" because the apex seals are made of teflon should be wetted with the gasoline that does not melt. These conditions cause the rotary engine could not meet the requirements of fuel consumption and exhaust gas levels. 

Additionally, the ignition system adapted to compensate for engine performance. Mazda sees opportunities, rotary engine mated to SkyActive technology and electric motors. Hopefully, this machine will be the primary power source or the RX-9 RX-7 Erev.
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