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Hybrid Car from the Russian ë-Crossover

Penulis : Nur Rahman on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | 6:15 AM

 Ever heard of Russian automobile technology. An example is ë (read Yoa)-crossover that will be produced later this year by Yo-Auto is also owned by Russian billionaire owner of the NBA basketball club, the New Jersey Nets, namely Mikhail Prokhorov. Compared with hybrid cars that exist today, ë-crossover is more sophisticated and complete.

To drive the car, not just a combination of gasoline engine and electric motor are used. Motor fuel used, can mengguankan two types of fuel as well, namely petrol and gas (CNG). Therefore, the units have been provided BBGn gas tank and the tube contents can be claimed once for a distance of 700 km.

SuperkapasitorWhat is more, it turns out, as a source of energy to drive the electric motor is used superkapasitor, of course, lighter weight than lithium-ion batteries. In addition can fill up quickly also could supply the energy that is responsive to an electric motor. Kardena, not surprisingly, the ability to sprint from 0-100 kph diklaijm about 10 seconds.

One more thing, to get this capability, the car body is made of composite polimer.Sistem motion instead of just two wheels, but also can be 4x4 or all-wgheel drive (AWD). Even to drive a car, when mengadalkan power, two motors are used.

ë-Auto also claims fuel consumption is 28.5 kpl crossovernya. This is of course more interesting, because the price of increasingly expensive fuel oil. Even if a headache with a growing craze in oil prices, could have been moved to the BBG.

USD 10.000-20.000
ë-crossover will be created by Prokhorive ONEXIM Group with Russian truck manufacturer Yarovit. At a news conference last week and quoted by several online automotive media, Porkhorive already planned to set up a second assembly plant in St. Petersburg so that production could be increased two-fold. In fact, through its website, has been serving Pre-order.

Just have not mentioned the price. Nevertheless Autobloggreen estimated 10000-20000 U.S. dollars. If true, it means a lot cheaper than a hybrid car made in Japan or other countries.

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