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Garage Empty Homes Again? Try This 3D Stickers

Penulis : Unknown on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | 2:55 AM

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

London - You have a garage at home but have not filled the car? Just try this one sticker. By installing it on the wall, like a garage glance filled with expensive cars or even cruises.

Has a height of 4.8 meters in width that can be adjusted, this sticker is made ​​in a British company. 3D images were produced with techniques that at first glance looks like the real thing.

"Motive is a hoax 3D printed realistic and will cause neighbors, friends and passers-by stopped and stared at him," said Verena Lenninghausen, one of the parties that make this idea as quoted by the Daily Mail.

With a design life and are made to match the garage door, it is only sold with a sticker price of 84 pounds. Picture was varied ranging from race cars, aircraft or luxury yacht.

Even though it looks great, it only took half an hour to set it up. "The response was amazing. Having fitted into their garage, customers often call us to say how much they and their neighbors like it (fooled see picture)," strictly speaking.
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Start Sex Drive-in opened in Switzerland

Zurich - After a controversy facilities, drive-in sex booths in Zurich, Switzerland officially opened this week.

Sex in the car now no longer strange activity after the local government to legalize facilities.

Places to have sex in a car is available in several locations in Zurich.

Local authorities spend around USD 28 billion to set up this place.

Reported by IOL, Wednesday (28/08/2013), in that location are also available penjajak female commercial sex have been trained with a minimum age of 18 years.

The very existence of PSK dilundungi by the local government. Because it's available for the PSK panic button in that location.

Reportedly sex drive in facility is open from 7 pm until 5 am. Available at these locations showers, lockers, a small cafe table like a hotel. The men will not have to worry about the presence of surveillance cameras.

The purpose of a place of entertainment 'sex drive-ins' is because in recent years in the way of rampant prostitution is a problem in the city of Zurich.

As reported by many sex workers are also victims of violence the men philanderer.

But with the 'sex drive-ins', more controlled prostitution and prostitutes are safer. At this location, beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited entry.

"We built this place to maintain the safety of sex workers," said Department of Social Welfare Zurich, Michael Herzig.

"Women will be protected from attack, and this means a better job for them. With the prostitutes were in the chamber of sex then no need to 'walk around' because they can directly transact with their clients.'s A better solution than they stand night in the street, "said Herzig.

"But we think if we build, we also can make it look good," he concluded.
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Lewis Hamilton Super Car Mounts

Monaco - As a Formula 1 racer, Lewis Hamilton loves speed. Because it is not wrong if a British man was delighted at the super car. This is one super car belongs to Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton is known to have ordered a Pagani Zonda designated in accordance with the wishes of the rider.

Not long ago, Pagani Zonda belongs to Lewis Hamilton was caught in the middle of the streets of Monaco. Quoted from carbuzz, the car was caught on camera photographer Melanie Meder Monaco. He then upload photos of the super car on his Facebook account.

At first glance, the emblem has been turned into a 760 RS 760 LH which stands for the name of Lewis Hamilton himself.

Reportedly, this car was built with a lot of detail requested in advance. Some of the features taken from the Zonda F, some were from the Zonda R.

In the standard version, Pagani Zonda strengthened 5987 cc engine with a 6-speed sequential gearbox. The machine is capable of throwing power 760 horsepower and can move from 0-100 km / h within 3.4 seconds.
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How To Claim AIG Insurance

Penulis : Unknown on Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 7:54 AM

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Your car may never have an accident, but we are ready to ensure your car is fine when natural disasters occur. Our provides the best car insurance low insurance premiums for protection against natural disasters.

Claim Procedure

Immediately complete claim documents (in accordance with the attached). If necessary, we will conduct a survey within 24 hours after receiving the initial report
The police report is needed for the case of the following claims:

  • Vehicle theft and vehicle accessories
  • Accident involving a third party
  • Loss / damage as a result of the scheming of others
  • Losses as a result of severe damage / severe or total loss

Total vehicle loss or damage (Constructive Total Loss).

  • Proof of Ownership of Motor Vehicles (reg) Original
  • Original Purchase Invoice
  • Certificate No. Vehicle (vehicle registration) Original
  • Receipt and signed blank stamp Rp. 6,000 for three (3) copies
  • Key Contacts 2 pieces
  • Original Police Report
  • Investigation Report (BAP) - for the case of missing vehicles
  • Certificate Kadit Serse (SK KADIT Serse) Original - for missing vehicle case
  • Letter-blocking Original Police vehicle registration for the vehicle lost case
  • Rights to mark the release of the letter is missing vehicle - for the case of missing vehicles
  • Waiver form / liability claims

Claims involving third party

  • Local police report
  • Copy the third party license and registration
  • Demand letter from a third party
  • Photos damages for loss on third party vehicles.

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